Cruise down the highway in sustainable style... The added veggie tanks make long journeys possible without having to stop for refueling at those "other" gas stations...   Our Coach experts will locate, purchase, repair and convert a bus custom designed for you!

 Professional, road tested experience brings you the most robust straight vegetable oil systems ever devised. Our systems have run thousands of miles on veggie from California to Costa Rica, to New York and back many times. Our simple design solves the unique challenges involved in collecting and filtering dirty fuel on the road. It can get messy if done incorrectly. We have refined this to a clean art of fuel acquisition. 

Just flick the first switch and suck dirty fuel into your dirty tank.  Another switch activates an automatic filtration system which fills your clean tank with clean filtered vegetable oil.  This means your filter never clogs while driving!
Collection System Panel

 Furthermore, costly engine damage can occur with the low fuel temperatures found in most conversions. Our quality components and monitoring gauges ensure ONLY HOT vegetable oil is ever introduced to the engine. Many systems suffer from premature filter clogs, which can slow or stop the bus. This is dangerous for the passengers and damaging to the engine. Our filtration capacity is ample for dirty vegetable oil sources.  Pumping from one tank to the next means you are never pouring vegetable oil manually.. which usually leads to spills. People will see a dirty bus before they see clean exhaust from clean burning fuel.

 Dual tank system allows for quick collection and proper filtration. Having a synthetic filter media which can withstand extreme heat and block water is crucial to avoiding the constant filter changing syndrome many conversions produce.

Dual centrifugal water separators and dual water-blocking filter elements ensure absolutely no water can damage your fuel pump and injectors. Fuel pressure and fuel temperature gauges ensure proper operation and warn against damaging low pressure or low temperature situations.  An astounding array of eight heat exchangers ensure the system reaches proper operating temperature quickly. Stainless steel heat exchangers feature robust tube in tube design for proven resistance to leaks and corrosion. Tank heaters have large surface area for massive heat transfer at the tank. 1/2" brass chemical grade, teflon sealed fuel switching solenoids reliably control fuel flow without sticking..

 Sensors and delay timers are available to automate fuel switching and flushing. Alarms and indicators prevent shutdown without flushing.

With newer engines, 6-speed transmissions and 2 speed rear axles, we can build a 40 foot veggie tour coach which gets 16 miles per gallon! With a 500 gallon storage capacity you can go to New York and back without stopping!

kopaliWe also offer entire interior conversions with all non-toxic materials and sustainably harvested wood like bamboo or palm.  Buckwheat pillows and natural latex rubber mattress.  We can install solar and water systems as well making a full coach conversion out of ordinary passenger busses.kkopali


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