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  " Gillig Dream Bus "


This is a truly unique bus.  You won't find another like it. I can't even believe we're selling it!  Its a classic american school bus converted by a talented carpenter into a quaint cabin.  The interior has custom wood cabinets and hardwood floors.  The bus has a solid steel construction and drives like a dream.  new camera 234.jpg



Its been owned by three different artist couples, including myslef and my partner.  We lived in it at one point for six months with our baby son.

DSCN4284.JPG We custom built a 7x9' wooden deck on the side thru the fire escape door, which we enclosed in the winter.  We lived in it through this rainy California winter, and installed a central propane heating system to stay cozy. new camera 235.jpg It has green mexican tile counter tops, a HUGe kitchen space, and an antique porcelain sink with a built in dish rack.  There are lots of drawers and cabinets.  It has a propane stove and oven and a rv fridge that can run on a 110 volt ac electricity or on propane.



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DSCN4276.JPG  It has a solar panel on the roof that has been damaged by a small tree branch, but it is wired and mounted. Just mount your new panels and the rest is done, including 12v lighting throughout the bus.  Up front is a nice cd-player/radio with remote. It was nice to listen to 94.1 in the mornings while making breakfast. The top of the bus is protected by a white rubber roof cover that protects it from rust and leaks.  This is crucial for a steel bus.. also looks nice and reflects heat.



DSCN4271.JPG The best part besides the tile kitchen counter is that it has a hard wood floor thats less than a year old!  The kitchen table has a glass table top and a fold out extention which doubles its size.   The couch can fold out into a guest bed.  There is also a full size bed in the back. 

It has a porcelain bath tub and shower that has on demand hot water heating, so you'll never run out of hot water.  Taking showers and baths was definately a comfortable feature for us.  It has a composting toilet. There is a lot of storage space under the bed and in the kitchen and thereDSCN4279.JPG are two closets in the back bedroom.  There is also a huge under carriage storage bay.  The water tank underneath can hold 40 gallons, if needed when travelling.  We  installed  a  rv heater underneath the  bus that  has absolutely no  off gas inside.  There is  also a force 10 marine  cabin  heater  with a tile backing  that matches the kitchen  counter located in the living room.


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The engine is the trusty 6v71 supercharged Detroit Diesel with about 30,000 miles on it. This engine looks very new and still has the original baby blue factory paint on it.  Starts right up and smokes very little.  It is obviously in great condition. It is set at about 200hp and has a smooth shifting Allison Automatic 4-speed transmission that also looks new.  DSCN4295.JPG

  We have converted over 15 busses and tour coaches to run on straight vegetable oil...(see www.realenergy.net ) We've taken two of these Gillig motorcoaches to Costa Rica and back on straight vegetable oil.  (see www.veggiecaravan.com ) This is a classic bus that was handmade in San Francisco with an all steel construction.  Aluminum has a bad vibration and energy that is not healthy to be enclosed in.  Steel is the way to go. The Gillig is known as the Queen of busses or lincoln towncar of busses.  When you drive one you know why they say that.  The ride is very smooth and solid. The bus feels like one unified piece.  Other newer busses are flimsy and rattle.  new camera 244.jpgThere is no comparison. Driving through central america's bumpy roads was enjoyable in the Gilligs. This bus is beautiful!   We want it to go to a good home.  We're getting rid of it because our travelling days are over for now, and it breaks our hearts to see it not being used. It is a rare opportunity to own a bus like this. When we finally found this one we were so happy for months just grinning... all the other busses we saw were very shoddy with scary interiors.

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