Front Shot

This beautiful bus will surely be bought quickly. A coach of this caliber usually goes for 35-100k. It took U.S. and Canadian coaches about a decade to catch up to what VanHool was doing in 1989.. This means this coach looks nicer than late 90's american and canadian coaches costing 80k.


Side View


The engine is the amazing MAN 2566. This is a true 4-stroke inline 6 cylinder truck engine. It has the same veggie proof bosch inline fuel pump as the bomb proof mercedes benz. It is infinitely a better engine than the ancient 2-stroke oil leaking smokey disasters that come in american and canadian coaches in this price range. Don't miss out.


White Van Hool Dash

This coach is clean. No body damage, well maintained, good tires and air bags, beautiful interior... striking appearance. Superior handling to all other coaches.. Superior storage.. 2-3x that of an MCI or Prevost...
woah... the only flaw... a smoking engine that I can fix with the surplus new parts I have located. The whole engine can be rebuilt for less than 5k.. but it will probably only need an injector, valve or rod bearing.



Price: $25,000.00